Call me nuts but I am serious: If it is up to me, I would nominate Mr. Trump to become Egypt’s post-revolt president.

Why so? Trust me, I have some damn good reasons…

For those who may not know Mr. Trump, perhaps because they live in Europe or outer space, let me tell you what exactly I love about him in a nutshell.

The Trump is a multibillionaire New Yorker who created thriving businesses in every imaginable industry.

In my humble opinion, Trump’s biggest strength, in addition to thinking BIG, is his superior leadership skills.

He just knows how to spot the right people for the job. He can’t possibly KNOW everything about the zillion businesses he owns but he cherry picks those who do. Bam! His business booms and on to the next business…Genius!

So Far So Good! But Why Is Trump Your Chosen Egypt’s President?

Good question! I thought you’d never ask…Here is the deal: Trump may not be the sweetest, most vitreous, or most generous philanthropist out there, but he is a LEADER and that’s exactly what Egypt needs today!

You see, we have countless bright minds in Egypt in all fields. If given the chance, they can turn Egypt into a first world country in a decade.

Unfortunately, our current president is not so keen about selecting the most fitting candidates for key positions. Instead, he prefers hiring his kinships (aka Muslim Brotherhood members or advocates) everywhere possible even if they are NOT qualified!

This is where Mr. Trump comes into play…I will ask him to leave his loved ones in the U.S. and become  Egypt’s president for one week to fulfill one holly mission: Trump will be asked to objectively choose ministers and key position holders based on their competencies – not their political inclinations.

I would wait eagerly for Mr. Trump in the airport and will gladly hold the microphone for him as he shouts out loud: “President Morsy! YOU’RE FIRED!”

The Queen of Wishful Thinking!

Suddenly, I woke up realizing that it was a just a dream…a beautiful what- if fantasy!

What can I do for real? How can I “love“ my country if, to me, love is a verb?

Well, I am using all my artistic talents and abilities to help paint a beautiful portray for Egypt’s future.

Locally, I’ve been an active participant in major political events. In addition, I have an Arabic blog and a YouTube channel where I write and play comedy sketches, draw cartoons, write songs, articles and so forth.

The internet is a perfect outlet for me to express myself sometimes…to say “No!” most of the time…to inspire fellow Egyptians to be bold and take a stand ALL the time!

In addition, I believe that education is the cornerstone for Egypt’s progress. That’s why; I am a volunteer in a non-profit organization that teaches essential extra-curricular skills that newly graduates need to possess in order to enjoy successful careers.

Finally, I can’t sum up this article without extending a heartfelt “Thank You” to SearchWarp for being my supportive bridge to the West.

In spite of my super-busy schedule, I feel “obliged” to share my take on Egypt’s major events with the Western audience, hoping to gain support and raise awareness of our worthy cause.

I love my country and, to me, LOVE is a verb.  Your help and support is much appreciated. Anyone has Mr. Trump’s private number?  🙂